Various BMW models can be configured for a new online racing game and PC car community developed jointly by the carmaker and British game developer Eutechnyx.

Among the cars that can be configured are the BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the BMW 135i, the BMW M3 Coupe, the BMW M5 and the BMW Z4 M Coupe.

The game, called Auto Club Revolution, is not just a classic racing game with real-world tracks and realistically-detailed models, but is also designed to become an established forum for racing fans, automobile manufacturers and car enthusiasts, according to the car maker.

Exact characteristics of the real cars were reproduced. “To reproduce the handling of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe in Auto Club Revolution in an authentic manner, we first took it out on the real racetrack. That is the only way to know exactly how the car corners, for example,” said Doug Wolff from Auto Club Revolution Team Lead.

All that is required to play the game is a PC with an internet connection. -Sapa-dpa