Land Rover DC100 concept is seen alongside the Range Rover Evoque convertible under Brooklyn bridge.

This is the latest incarnation of the Land Rover DC100 concept, due to debut later today at the New York auto show, seen standing alongside the Range Rover Evoque convertible under New York's Brooklyn bridge.

This one's called the Expedition, and it's the most rugged, Jeep-like version yet (which is appropriate, considering the setting) as Land Rover tries to recover the ground it lost with previous iterations.

The original DC100, first shown at the Frankfurt motor show in September 2011, was touted as a design concept for a possible 2015 Defender replacement.

However, the adverse reaction from both media and public was so strong that it has been reworked for every major motor show since, in Dubai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Delhi and now New York, in different colours and with different equipment.


So here we have the DC100 in traditional off-road Defender trim, apparently to demonstrate what Land Rover boss John Edwards calls “abusability”, with a roof rack incorporating a snorkel, a heavy-duty bush bar (including a winch!) that's built into the front end, rather than bolted on, lots of scratchproof black plastic trim and a set of five-spoked black alloy rims shod with serious 275/55 Cooper rubber.

The concept is actually a runner, with a five-litre Jaguar V8 under the bonnet (although there's not a hope in Hell that will stay for production - pity!) but Land Rover hasn't dropped any details yet about the running gear.