The long-awaited 'junior' AMG has finally revealed itself in full production guise and in true excessive AMG fashion, it's incredibly powerful for its size.

A true super-hatch in every sense of the word, the A 45 pushes 268kW at 6000rpm and 450Nm from 2250rpm.

But don't let the badge deceive you - You're not going to find a high-displacement V8 squeezed beneath its stubby little bonnet. Instead the '45' is endowed the most powerful four-cylinder series-production engine in the world and like AMG's bigger motors, each one is hand-assembled and signed by one professional.

The 1991cc mill features a twin-scroll turbocharger with a maximum charge pressure of 1.8-bar and thanks to features like direct injection and idle-stop, it achieved an NEDC combined fuel consumption figure of 6.9 litres per 100km.

But let's get to the important numbers - AMG claims it'll scream to 100km/h in only 4.6 seconds and the usual 250km/h governed top speed applies.


Its power is shifted to all four wheels via a dual-clutch seven-speed DCT sports transmission with flappy-paddles, three selectable driving modes, Race Start launch control and a double-declutching function.

Although you're not going to enjoy the aural bark of a V8, it does at least have an AMG sports exhaust system with large pipe cross-sections and an automatically-controlled exhaust flap that pumps up the volume during more enthusiastic driving antics.

On that note, the A 45 welcomes corners with an AMG sports suspension that's independent at both ends, with a three-link axle up-front and a four-link set-up at the back. The speed-sensitive sports steering system and the high-performance braking system are also the work of AMG.

Same goes for the exterior and interior styling themes, but while the exterior pimping is a bit on the subtle side, the division has made a big mark on the cabin with race car-like sports seats, carbon fibre-like dashboard trim and an AMG instrument cluster with the Racetimer function. There are also plenty of options available to further individualise the A 45 both on the outside and in the cabin.

If you're already itching for yours, you don't have long to wait as the A 45 AMG is expected to reach South Africa around mid-year.