The killer-watt war that AMG's been raging of late now spills into the compact segment with the release of the C 63 'Edition 507' range.

That name boldly pronounces the headline act of this new limited edition - its power rating of 507 horsepower, which translates to 378kW in metric speak. To put that into perspective, the standard C 63 pushes 336kW and the Performance Pack model is 'only' good for 358kW.

4.2 SECONDS TO 100

Maximum torque, meanwhile, jumps from 600Nm to 610Nm and on a clear stretch of road at the coast, the 'Edition 507' will allegedly sprint to 100km/h in a mere 4.2 seconds in the case of the coupé and sedan - the estate taking 4.3 seconds. All versions have an electronically limited top speed of 280km/h.

The increased outputs are a result of Affalterbach's men in white coats being kind enough to transfer some technology from the 420kW SLS supercar. To that end, the C 63's high-revving, normally aspirated 6.3-litre engine receives forged pistons and conrods as well as a lightweight crankshaft and a more liberal engine control system.

To boost its stopping power in line with the power increase, the C 63 Edition is fitted with an AMG high-performance composite braking system with red brake callipers.

This car was, after all, conceived "to appeal to ambitious drivers who take pleasure in top-class technology, as well as exclusive design and appointment details."


On that note, the Edition 507 can be told apart from its tamer siblings by its vented bonnet from the C 63 Black Series, darkened headlights, AMG sports stripes, gloss black mirrors, boot lip spoiler and grille surrounds as well as its bespoke AMG 'cross-spoke' alloys measuring 19-inches in diameter. The wheels are available in titanium grey or matt black.

Similarly, there are numerous exclusive design details to make owners feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Edition's potential South African on-sale date has yet to be announced.