Nissan X-Trail.

This is the 2012 model-year Nissan X-Trail, and if there's a record for the least updates applied to a model announcement then this one surely grabs first place. On that note, potential buyers can at least win some prizes.

The 2012 upgrades basically entail the audio systems being brought out of the dark ages - something all manufacturers should consider doing. XE and SE models now have a USB port and Bluetooth hands-free cellphone connectivity and audio streaming, while the former also gains a multi-function steering wheel.

Like before, the X-Trail offers a choice between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive and a range of engines comprising 102kW 2.0 and 125kW 2.5 petrols and a 100kW/320Nm 2-litre diesel.

Because X-Trails tend to be popular with cyclists, Nissan is offering some prizes via it's X-Life initiative - but first you have to test drive an X-Trail. Click here to register and find out more.