No, Cyril, it's not the next-generation Batmobile, it's the future of GM's ailing Opel nameplate - a brave attempt to resurrect the brand as a cutting-edge technology showcase.

This is the Monza Concept, which will be seen in public for the first time at the Frankfurt motor show in September, complete with LED projection infotainment and an evolution of the Ampera's extended-range electric powertrain.

The 4.69 metre-long, four seat Monza's dramatic shape is all about sweeping contours and precise, crisp edges; the sides are shaped to enable easy entry and exit for front and rear-seat passengers, while emphasising the rear wheel-arches, which are the same width as the front.

The sporty roof line - 1310mm high at its highest point - runs in a semi-circle like a classic coupé but, just before reaching the tailgate, sweeps slightly upwards to create a 500-litre boot, while the gull-wing doors reveal the absence of B-pillars.


Instead of conventional monitors, each providing different information, there's a wide, sculpted dashboard - a single projection surface that sweeps from door to door, with information and decorative elements displayed according to the driver's needs or mood.

The continuous, adaptable multi-functional display has 18 LED projectors and uses the same technology as the big-screen projections at major events, although this is the first time the principle has been adapted for use in a car. It's operated by voice control and steering wheel controls.

The system also offers three connectivity modes - Me, Us and All. Me disconnects the driver's phone from the car so they can focus on driving, Us enable the driver to reach a selected group of family, friends and emergency services while All connects the car to the entire virtual world, allowing the driver to, for example, share the details of his intended route online to create a whole level of car-sharing.


The Monza Concept's modular design makes provision for a variety of powertrain options, but in this case it has the electric drive of the Ampera, with a new turbo-charged one-litre, three cylinder, direct-injection SIDI engine, running on clean-burning compressed natural gas, to power the range-extending onboard generator.