IOL Motoring Staff

Detroit Motor Show - Though it is unmistakably modern, Toyota says its daring new FT-1 concept car salutes the sports cars in its past, stretching back to the 2000GT of the '60s.

Yet we strongly suspect that this sports car show car signals an even brighter future. Back in 2012, Toyota president Akio Toyoda let slip that Toyota would be collaborating with BMW on an eco-friendly sports car range.

"Toyota is strong in environment-friendly hybrids and fuel cells," he said. "BMW's strength is in developing sports cars - think of the exciting cars we could build together."

Dare we say that this concept is a sign of things to come, then?

Looking taut and ready to tackle the next hairpin, the FT-1's body was designed to express the style of a race car, complete with its mammoth air intakes, powerful front fenders and retractable rear wing.

Toyota is not divulging any of its technical details for now, except that the engine is in the front and that power goes to the back wheels - like it should.

Climbing in to the low-slung cabin, the driver faces a delta-shaped display zone that makes the driver feel "at the heart of the action." Most handy is the colour head-up display system that projects all the important driving data just above the F1-style steering wheel.

Any takers?