Väth V63 - big bucks, very big bang

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jun 5, 2012

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If lots is good, goes the old staying, more is better and too much is just about perfect. That would seem to be company policy at German tuning haus Väth, if what they have done with the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black - which is no pussycat to start with - is anything to go by.

But it's not cheap.

First they bolt a supercharger with an air-to-water intercooler on to the 6.2-litre AMG V8 and recalibrate the engine's ECU - for a cool €30 000 (R318 000), including German taxes.

Then, for the full effect, you need a stainless steel exhaust manifold for €2890 (R30 500), a sports cat-cracker at €1890 (R20 000) and a free-flow sports silencer with flap control, which will set you back €3540 (R37 500).

The whole V63 Supercharged package will cost you a wallet-whacking €38 500 (R407 000) but the results are impressive. Power, says Väth, is up from the 380kW of the 'standard' C63 Black to 556kW, torque from 620 to an eye-watering 800Nm and the 0-100 sprint time is down from 4.2 to 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 350km/h.

Still got euros to burn?

For €2490 (R26 300) Väth will fit adjustable dampers and lower the suspension anything from 20-65mm, while a further €5490 will get you upgraded brakes with 405mm front discs and braided stainless-steel hoses, and yet another €1490 (R15 750) will see installed a transmission oil cooler.

But without a bit of Väth bling everybody will think it's just an ordinary Black Series AMG coupé, so the company offers a badgeless grille - a dead give-away, that - for €650 (R6850), and forged 20” three-piece rims with 255/30 rubber on the front and 295/25 gumballs at the back for a bargain €7450 (R78 750).

You'll also need a Väth-branded speedometer that reads up to 400km/h for €1890 (R20 000) and a sports steering wheel - choose from a selection in leather, carbon fibre or wood at €1450 (R15 300) each.

Add to that the cost in Germany of the base C63 AMG Black at €115 430 and a fully-loaded V63 Supercharger will stand you in at €171 500 (R1.8 million) - but, oh my goodness, you get a lot of bang for your 1.8 million bucks.

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