All-new V40 premium hatch is already breaking the rules, and it is not even here yet.

The international launch of the all-new Volvo V40 created something of a stir among South African Swedophiles and Volvo Car SA has had so many serious inquiries - way ahead of the car's local release on 15 October, that they've had to break away from the traditional 'prices when they get here' marketing format.

So here, in a first for Volvo in South Africa, is the full model line-up and price list for Volvo's gorgeous new five-door, five-seat premium hatchback, nearly two months ahead of the local launch.

According to managing director Bram van der Reep: “We couldn't have received a better indication of just how much of a stir the Volvo V40 is going to cause. We're excited about the V40 because it's a new segment for us, and a totally new car - and we're delighted that the public seem to be just as keen.”


T3 Essential - R281 200

T3 Excel - R299 300

T3 Elite - R313 200

D2 Essential - R283 200

D2 Excel - R301 300

D2 Elite - R315 200

T4 Excel - R316 800

T4 Excel Powershift - R 332 600

T4 Elite - R330 700

T4 Elite Powershift - R346 500

D3 Excel Geartronic - R339 800

D3 Elite Geartronic - R353 700

D3 R-Design Geartronic - R363 300

T5 Excel Geartronic - R373 700

T5 Elite Geartronic - R387 600

T5 R-Design Geartronic - R397 100

Volvo's new premium hatch will be available for test drives at Volvo dealerships in South Africa from 15 October, and will go on sale from 15 November 2012, but orders can be placed now.

Initially, Volvo will be launching the V40 in T3 manual, T4 manual, D2 manual and D3 Geartronic derivatives. The remainder of the local line-up, including the spectacular Volvo V40 R-Design, will be available from March 2013.