Cyber 677 rendering is a radical vision of the Porsche of the future

By Motoring Staff Time of article published May 22, 2020

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Warsaw, Poland - The Porsche 911 is a car that painstakingly honours its design heritage through each generation, which is one of the things that fans appreciate most about the well-rounded sports car.

But what if Porsche threw caution to the wind and did something completely radical with one of its future sports cars?

That’s exactly the question posed by this intriguing design render, created by 3D Artist

, who is also a senior concept vehicle designer for gaming company ‘CD projekt RED’.

Breshke admits that designing this rendering was an extremely difficult task because of his respect for the 911’s iconic design, stating that he didn’t want to "argue" with that tradition, but rather present Porsche in a different light.

“The aim was to achieve a bit of a raw style which could refer to a Cyber world, while simultaneously retaining some soft surfaces to make the silhouette coherent,” the designer said.

“This idea forced me to break some crucial existing features of this brand, but I wanted to keep the general silhouette which is very recognisable,” he added.

It’s not just the silhouette that’s familiar, however, as Breshke’s creation also follows tradition in other pleasing ways, such as the vertical rear air vents and the positioning of the drivetrain at the back of the car.

The cabin is even more radical than the car's exterior. There's no central screen to distract attention away from the driving experience, just a collection of futuristic-looking 'piano key' controls across the dashboard and central tunnel. 

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