VW's Polo GTI beefed up to the tune of 235kW

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Aug 5, 2019

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Stade, Germany - Volkswagen already has a super potent hatchback in the form of the Golf R, but those wanting their dynamite in a smaller package can now turn to German tuner Siemoneit Racing, which has done a pretty extreme conversion on the Polo GTI.

In its stock form, the Polo GTI produces 147kW and 320Nm, but Siemoneit is offering to thrill customers with outputs of up to 235kW and 430Nm - even outshining the Golf R’s 228kW/400Nm brag sheet.

The conversion shaves 1.5 seconds off the 0-100km/h time, according to the tuner, which is claiming a sprint time of 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 257km/h, up 20km/h.

To extract all that extra power, Siemoneit installs a larger turbocharger and intercooler, as well as a modified exhaust system and air intake, and of course, the engine software has been completely remapped too.

The full-fat package will cost a cool 8998 euros in Europe, which is about R150 000 at today’s exchange rate. Buyers can opt for considerably cheaper, albeit milder packages, with 598 euros (about R9900) buying a package that brings the power tally to 180kW, which in itself is not too shabby.

Siemoneit Racing offers a lot more than just engine upgrades, however, with buyers able to opt for a beefed up ‘KW’ suspension system, 18-inch wheels and a full race-style interior package that removes the back seats and installs a crash cage and Recaro front buckets.

Would you take this over a Golf R if it ever becomes available in South Africa?

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