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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Electric car sets new 70 000km distance world record

Published Aug 17, 2018


Perth, Australia - A

Dutch man dubbing himself the ‘electric explorer’ has set a new long distance

record for electric cars by driving 70 000km on purely battery power.

But the most

interesting part is that Wiebe Wakker relied on good old ubuntu to keep him

going along his epic two-and-a-half-year journey from Amsterdam in The

Netherlands to Perth in Australia: he travels without money and relies on the

kindness of people around the world to keep him going.

Wakker's project

‘Plug Me In’ asked people to contribute a meal, place to sleep or

electricity for his converted electric car through

crowdsourcing. The route of the journey was determined by these

offers via his

website, which made Wakker zigzag around the world, crossing 33 countries

and driving those 70 000km without visiting a single fuel station. 

After departing

Amsterdam on 15 March 2016, it took Wakker 827 days to reach Darwin in northern

Australia after a thrilling road trip through Europe, the Middle East, India

and Southeast Asia and earlier this week he reached Perth on the western coast

of Australia.

“Arriving on

Australia’s shores already felt like a big accomplishment and now having

reached Perth I am very proud that I can also show everyone that it is possible

to reach one of the world’s most isolated cities in an electric car.”

This explorer’s goal

is to dispel the myth that electric vehicles cannot match their fossil

fuel-powered cousins when it comes to endurance. Wakker reports that Australia

has been the most generous country on his long journey, with over 350 people offering

him accommodation. The majority of them live in the bigger cities which made

coming down from remote Darwin a challenge, especially with his car, nicknamed

the ‘Blue Bandit’, having a range of just 200 km on one charge.

But Wakker received

help from roadhouses, Aboriginal communities and farms to get him to

Perth. Wakker's stay in Perth will be a comfortable one as over 40 people have

invited him to their homes. 

Wakker’s 70 000km

distance on electric power is reportedly a new world record, surpassing the 22 000km

previously achieved, and this will be further extended once he reaches Sydney

on the other side of Australia.

“My goal is to

educate, inspire and accelerate the transition to a zero carbon future,” says

Wakker. With the Blue Bandit, he engages with companies and initiatives who are

active in the field of sustainability. Wakker wants to show what the

environmental challenges are in the various countries he crosses and what

innovative solutions are available. For more details of his journey visit

his website

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