Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale unleashed as exclusive supercar with petrol or electric power

Published Aug 31, 2023


By: Double Apex

Alfa Romeo has a long and proud history of competing in motorsport. With that in mind it’s odd to consider that the Italian automaker does not have a vast number of supercars in its line-up. Well, that small pool has grown today with the introduction of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale supercar.

Alfa Romeo has been hinting at the launch of a supercar for some time, but has managed to keep the new model under wraps until its unveiling this week.

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Incidentally, the Alfa Romeo 33 takes its name from the racer turned road car 33 Stradale of the 1960s. Only 18 examples of the earlier car were built. The new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale will be built in a limited run of 33 units. All of which have already been sold.

In the words of Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Alfa Romeo brand: “With the new 33 Stradale, we wanted to create something that lived up to our past, to serve the brand and to make the Alfisti fandom proud.

“Such a result could only have been achieved thanks to the expertise, hard work and passion of our team, with the support of management who have the clear ambition to contribute to writing chapters in the brand’s future, in full respect of its unique history. This is the brand’s first custom-built car since 1969, and I promise it won’t be the last.”

The new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, undoubtedly, takes inspiration from its namesake. However the design has been significantly updated.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of Alfa Romeo Design: “The 33 Stradale project has come about as a result of the passion and dedication of a small team of designers and engineers at the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile.

“The design is inspired by Franco Scaglione’s masterpiece of 1967, with a bold look to the lines of future Alfa Romeo models. The result is made possible by the expertise and the best tradition of Italian design. A true manifesto of “essential beauty”: a limited number of lines, sensual and at the same time powerful capable of arousing desire and strong emotions.”

Two Powertrain Options

Interestingly, the company is offering the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale with one of two powertrain options. The first is the same twin-turbocharged V6 as found in the Giulia GTA. In the 33 the engine develops a shade over 450kW (620 hp). The alternative is a full battery powered drivetrain that delivers 552kW (750hp).

Both versions are said to sprint from rest to 100km/h in under three seconds. The top speed of both variants is quoted as 333km/h. The braking distance is quoted as under 33 metres… you get the idea.

The car is based on a carbon-fibre monocoque that is suspended on double wishbones at all four corners. Active dampers are employed at each corner. The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale’s development will benefit from the driving expertise of F1 driver Valtteri Bottas.

Story courtesy of Double Apex