Cleveland, Ohio - There is a big stereotype out there that American's can't drive cars with manual transmissions. We don't know how true that is, but a carjacker's accomplice recently sought to perpetuate that belief, while also landing himself and his friend in hot water.

According to the Associated Press, an 18-year-old serial carjacker was arrested in Cleveland after his accomplice couldn't figure out how to operate the car's manual transmission - even after some coaching from the victim.

Cleveland police said the pair attempted to steal a 23-year-old man's car on February 21. The 17-year-old accomplice got in the driver's seat but was unable to operate the vehicle. That's when police say the duo turned the gun on their victim while he tried to explain how to use the gears.

The duo eventually got frustrated and ran off with the man's cellphone, which turned out to be an incredibly silly move as police then used it to pinpoint their location, according to


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