Cata members from Nyanga arrived at Delft taxi rank on Wednesday, which was closed due to looming violence with the Delft Taxi Association. Picture: Bheki Radebe
Cape Town - “Blood will flow.” This was the Delft Taxi Association’s reaction to the threat from Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association on Thursday saying it would be operating its 150 taxis in Delft despite an ongoing feud which has left two drivers dead and many injured.

Nazeem Daniels, chairman of DTA and interim chairman of the Delft Taxi Council, said they won’t allow Cata to operate there.

“We will see how it plays out. There is going to be bloodshed if Cata is going to come and operate from here without our consent. They will feel it. This frustration has been building up since 2007.”

The Delft Taxi Council will be holding elections for a new executive committee to regulate and control the routes on Thursday; Daniels said eight to 10 members would be elected at around 11am.

“The council is going to put in the laws that will regulate the Delft taxi industry. Cata will need to respect that. This our our base, just like Nyanga is their base. They cannot continue taking food from our tables.

“Delft belongs to the northern region. If they want to discuss the issue, they are welcome.”

On Wednesday a stand-off between the two rivals was diffused by a heavy police presence. Cata chairman Victor Wiwi said the situation was still tense, but confirmed that taxis would still be operating from Thursday onwards.

“Our taxis will be operating from Delft to Nyanga, Langa, Claremont, Wynberg, Elsies and Cape Town. These people claim to belong to Delft.

“We don’t know who they are. We are operating with legal permits,” said Wiwi.

Taxi stoned

He added that safety of commuters would be the responsibility of authorities.

On Wednesday a taxi belonging to the Congress of Democratic Taxi Association was stoned and passengers injured in Lansdowne Road while travelling to Wynberg from Mfuleni.

It is believed the taxi driver panicked and crashed into a Golden Arrow bus and then fled the scene.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said on Tuesday 10 Cata taxis drove past firing shots in the direction of Delft Main Road.

He said 23 suspects were arrested and eight taxis impounded.

High risk area

The Department of Transport and Public Works said it is working with the police, traffic authorities and the City of Cape Town to address the situation.

MEC for transport and public works Donald Grant said officials attend daily meetings and briefings with the SAPS to advise on the regulatory aspects that affect the present conflict.

“I will be placing a notice in the Government Gazette in terms of Section 91 of the National Land Transport Act, in which I state my intention to declare the Delft area a high risk area for public transport.

“Should the area be declared a high risk area, the Provincial Regulatory Entity will be empowered to suspend operating licences to close certain ranks and to suspend operations by minibus taxis on identified routes.”

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