Munich, Germany – BMW has wrapped up its centenary celebrations with a new video that brings together all four of the “Next 100 Years” concepts for the first time, offering perhaps the clearest indication yet of what the Blue Propeller Brigade sees as the future of transportation.

The centenary promotion included concepts from BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, with the message that, now the back-patting and mutual congratulations are over, a new era has begun – not just for BMW but for the global philosophy of mobility.

The BMW group came into being on 7 March 1916, almost exactly 101 years ago, tasked with building aircraft engines for the Imperial German Flying Corps. Its first production model was the six-cylinder, 150kW, 19.1-litre, IIIA, with which BMW built a reputation for straight-six engines that endures to this day.

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