File photo: Peter Parks.

Shanghai/Beijing - China said it will punish Audi and Chrysler as well as some 10 Japanese spare part makers for violating the country's anti-monopoly law.

The NDRC, which is responsible for enforcing rules against anti-competitive pricing, said it had found Chrysler and Audi to be engaging in monopolistic behaviour.

The government has also completed investigations into 12 Japanese car parts makers and will mete out punishment to those found to be breaking the anti-monopoly law, Li Pumin, spokesman of the NDRC, said at a press conference in Beijing. The NDRC did not identify the spare-part makers and did not say how many of them would be punished.

China is intensifying efforts to bring companies into compliance with an anti-monopoly law enacted in 2008, having in recent years taken aim at industries as varied as milk powder and jewellery.

The NDRC said that it was also conducting an investigation into Mercedes-Benz. Last week, the Jiangsu division of the NDRC conducted investigations into Mercedes-Benz dealers in five cities.