Research in the UK suggests three out of four experienced drivers would fail a re-test.

London, England - Three out of British motorists would fail their driving test if they had to take it again today.

Complacency and lack of concentration - magnified by over-reliance on modern driving aids - are said to be the biggest weaknesses among those who tore up their L-plates years ago.

In an experiment organised by Direct Line insurance, 50 experienced drivers took the test - and 38 failed.

Those who failed recorded an average of three serious or dangerous faults, such as speed or failure to signal correctly, and 16 minor faults - mostly a lack of concentration. Just one major fault or more than 15 minor can fail a candidate in the UK.

Direct Line’s report said an over-reliance on driving aids - such as parking sensors or blind-spot monitors - appeared to lead to ‘complacent driving and a lack of concentration at the wheel’.