Google self-driving cars are currently being tested in the USA.

Research conducted by supermarket group Motorpoint has revealed that 58 percent of motorists in the UK would not be comfortable using a self-driving car like the Google car.

2000 internet users voted in the poll, inspired by the recent milestone in the USA whereby the Google car was granted its first permit in Nevada.

Motorpoint's MD David Shelton said: “In today's cars, there is more technology than ever, with some cars even having a self-park feature fitted as standard.

“However, it seems that people still love the thrill of the drive, and in this sunny weather there isn't much that beats a winding country road.”

Besides, self-driving cars like Google's Toyota Prius could hardly be considered an imminent reality, although Google does say it's ready to move autonomous motoring into the next stage of development.

How do you feel about self-driving cars?