Photo: Matthew Jordaan

A Cape Town motorist who was fined R1000 for not moving out the way of a “ghost squad” car was vindicated in the Parow Municipal Court, it was reported on Wednesday.

Magistrate Phakama Madinda found on Tuesday that the officer who issued the fine had abused his power and motorist Steven Taylor, 29, was acquitted, the Cape Times reported.

In July last year, Taylor was driving towards the city at 120km/h in the fast lane of the N1, when an unmarked squad car flashed its headlights to indicate he must give way.

When he failed to move, blue lights were activated on the ghost squad car and he was pulled over and fined for “inconsiderate driving”.

Taylor told the newspaper he was relieved at the court's decision. “This clearly sends out a good message that if people are given a fine that they don't agree with they should challenge it. By law, the speed limit is 120km/h and no law can overrule that,” he said.

The city introduced an elite undercover unit in 2009, dubbed the Ghost Squad, to tackle traffic offences. -Sapa