Spy scandal... conspiracy theorists might claim Porsche is curious about Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system. Picture: Australian Broadcasting Corp via AP.

Sydney - Next time you're having a rough day at the office, spare a thought for this Australian valet who managed to wedge a customer's Porsche 911 Cabriolet beneath a Subaru XV.

While attempting to park the Porsche Carrera outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney on Thursday, the car suddenly accelerated and ended up under the orange Subaru, according to media reports.

Police were called to the hotel to cut the driver out of the wreckage, as onlookers were treated to the comical sight of the black soft-top Porsche squashed under another car. Thankfully the valet was not injured - physically at least.

The hotel's director of sales and marketing, Matthew Talbot, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that the valet was "embarrassed and a little bit shocked" but was OK.

Witness Jonathan Bayle exclaimed: "When I first saw this, I thought that it was being shot for a TV show or a movie, but apparently it's real."

The hotel said it was investigating the incident.

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Sources: Reuters, AP & Australian Broadcasting Corp.