Metered taxis illegally are seen parked in Adderley Street on a solid red line, leaving only one lane open ​and ​causing heavy traffic congestion during peak hours. Picture: Courtney Africa / African News Agency
Cape Town - The City says it has no specific records of the number of fines issued to illegally parked metered and non-metered taxis which cause havoc in Adderley Street, stretching from Strand to Darling streets.

Cape Town Traffic Services spokeswoman Maxine Bezuidenhout said the City’s traffic services conducted regular enforcement on all parking-related matters in Adderley Street, irrespective of the type of vehicles.

However, when asked how many of those illegally parked metered taxis had been fined or impounded, she said: “No specific records are kept for parking offences. Taxis are only impounded for not having an operating licence or operating contrary to the conditions of their operating licence.”

Metered and non-metered taxis, as well as other vehicles, consistently caused heavy traffic congestion in that part of Adderley Street through their illegal parking, particularly in the morning from 7am until 11am, and afternoons from 3pm to 7pm.


She said the City was not considering stationing traffic officers in that area, as traffic services employed dedicated traffic officers on the Integrated Rapid Transit route to enforce all infringements.

Two traffic wardens who were monitoring illegal parking in Adderley Street in front of the Golden Acre and nearby businesses said that part of Adderley Street was where illegal parking was most prevalent and problematic. One of them recalled having issued four tickets to the same taxi driver on the same day for illegal parking.

Western Cape Metered Taxi Association representative Geraldine Jackson said the Western Cape Metered Taxi Council was currently dormant and that the issue regarding parking within the City of Cape Town area was the City’s responsibility.

Cape Times