London - With a rotisserie, a pasta maker and a slow cooker, it sounds like a modern kitchen. But these gadgets are, in fact, part of a bespoke Land Rover Discovery.

The company customised the car for Jamie Oliver, meaning the chef can grill a chicken, churn 15 litres of butter and ice-cream and make two slices of toast from the SUV.

The toaster sits between the front seats - and at the push of a button, a selection of jams pop out from the dashboard. Oliver’s Land Rover Discovery is thought to cost around £150 000 (R2.7m) with the upgrades, which include a slow cooker under the bonnet (heated by the engine) and a barbecue.

The rotisserie, which extends 1.5 metres from the front grille, is powered by an electric motor and doubles up as a pasta cutter, while a 1.5m worktop, which pulls out from the rear, includes an aluminium sink, dual gas hobs and even a fold-out flat screen TV. 

There are olive oil and vinegar dispensers integrated into the lighting controls in the boot, while the butter and ice cream churners are fitted to the wheels and rotate as the car moves.

Father-of-five Oliver said his favourite part is the toaster. "The smell of toast on the school run is amazing," he said.

Jaguar said it was able to create a range of specialist modifications to its vehicles.

Daily Mail