LOOK: Striking new Omoda 7 revealed in China, and it’s coming to SA

Published Apr 29, 2024


The distinctive Omoda C5 is already becoming a common sight on South Africa’s roads, and now the Chinese brand is entering the midsize market with the larger Omoda 7.

Arguably even more striking than the C5, the newcomer is expected to reach South Africa during the course of 2025, and it’s likely to be called the C7.

Revealed to the world in Chery’s home town of Wuhu on Sunday, the Omoda 7 slots between the aforementioned C5 and upcoming C9.

The Omoda 7 is similar in size to the Toyota Rav4. Picture: Omoda

It’s similar in size to Toyota’s Rav4, but has a sleeker and more low-slung design language which the carmaker refers to as “Stylish 360”. Like the C5 it has a large borderless grille, but the triangular headlights flanking a hammerhead upper bumper element add a unique touch.

Inside the Omoda 7 is packed with luxury and tech and there’s a 15.6-inch (39.6cm) sliding central touch screen that can shift over to the front passenger’s side of the dashboard.

Other cabin highlights include a 12+2 speaker immersive sound system that promises concert hall sound quality and there’s an innovative voice control system that has separate zones for up to four different occupants.

The cabin has a sliding touchscreen.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid system that pairs Chery’s 1.5-litre turbopetrol engine to an electric motor, but the specifics have not been announced as yet.

On the safety front, Omoda says the 7 was designed to meet global five-star safety standards, thanks to innovative caged energy absorbing compartments.

“Clearly, Omoda 7 is a comprehensive evolution and a flagship creation by the brand, following a precise exploration of the pain points of young consumers. It brings a more futuristic style, a smarter cockpit, more extreme driving control, and safety,” Omoda said at the launch event in Wuhu.

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