File photo: Leon Nicholas

KwaZulu-Natal vehicle owners now have the option of renewing their motor licences anywhere in the province.

Transport MEC Willies Mchunu officially announced yesterday that the change, which came into effect on January 1, would make renewals less onerous and also hopefully reduce the number of unlicensed vehicles on the roads.

Previously, motorists were compelled to renew their licences at traffic department offices or post offices within the initial registering authority

. Those outside the area were forced to travel long distances sometimes to renew them.

“The option to renew KZN licences at any KZN registering authority came about as a result of the recent review of agency agreements,” Mchunu said.

“I have no doubt this will improve the level of service delivery we render to the people of KZN thus reducing burdens, including costs of renewing motor licences,” he said. “With these developments there is therefore no excuse for any unlicensed vehicle. I will therefore encourage motorist to take advantage of this service.”

Mchunu said there had been numerous requests for the change from members of the public.

However, the change does not apply to owners of personalised licence plates, who still have to renew with the initial registering authority.

This is because the plates are registered through a special process which requires the electronic National Administration Traffic Information System (eNaTIS), which is not available anywhere else in the province.

There are 82 registered authorities in KZN, comprising 41 municipal offices, 34 post offices and seven provincial offices which all do registration and licensing of vehicles.

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport also announced yesterday that KwaDukuza (Stanger) municipal vehicles would no longer have the NT prefix on their number plates, but KDM, for KwaDukuza Municipality.

This does not apply to private vehicles in the town. -Daily News