Few of us would disagree that having a designated driver to take you home from the pub after a few rounds is a very nice luxury.

Hopefully, few of you would disagree that using your 11-year-old daughter as a drive-me-home service is just not cool. Dispicable, in fact.

Yet police in Australia have just caught a 62-year-old man doing exactly that. After receiving a tip-off, officers west of Sydney stopped a Toyota Hilux on Saturday only to find an 11-year-old girl in the driver's seat and her allegedly drunken father sitting alongside.

The man had been drinking at a pub, from where witnesses alerted the police after seeing the pair drive off.

The man is set to appear in court in May, where he will face charges of 'permitting an unlicenced driver to drive'. Pity they can't charge him for just being a rubbish father, and an idiot for that matter.