File photo: Damaris Helwig.

Johannesburg - The toll tariffs on the N4 are set to increase by 5.8 percent, Trans African Concessions (TRAC), said on Monday.

“The toll adjustments are applicable to all toll plazas on the N4 east managed by TRAC and will apply to all the gazetted vehicle classes,” spokeswoman Solange Soares-Nicholson said.

The increase would come into effect on May 24.

Soares-Nicholson said the annual adjustment was effective on all national toll routes in the country, including the N4 toll route between Pretoria, Gauteng, and the Lebombo border post in Mpumalanga.

The tariffs were adjusted in accordance with the preceding 12 months' Consumer Price Index.

“Major construction works will again be done on or adjacent to some sections of the N4.

“The aim is to make the travelling experience of motorists safer and even better,” she said.