Traffic lights at the end of the N17 highway are continuously cut down.

Johannesburg - A reader wrote to us to complain about the vandalised traffic lights at the end of the N17 highway, at the intersection adjacent to Wemmer Pan – on the way into the Johannesburg city centre.

He wrote: “You will note that they are virtually new units which have been cut off at their base.

“These lights were replaced at the beginning of the week. I would estimate that over the past year, these traffic lights have been cut down by criminals at least 10 times. The Johannesburg Roads Agency then takes a few weeks to repair them, only for them to be cut down a few days later.”


Our reader believes that these brazen thieves are after the cables, and the SIM card used in the operation of the traffic light – and also complained that the location of the utility results in major congestion during peak hours when it is out of operation.

“Just how long is JRA prepared to keep replacing these traffic lights, and are they doing anything to stop the thieves as it is almost certain that it is the same people every time?”

We contacted JRA operations manager Bertha Peters-Scheepers and were told thhe agency had formed a new unit called Infrastructure Protection, which was investigating theft and vandalism of all JRA assets.

In relation to the Wemmer Pan intersection the reader refers to in his complaint, Peters-Scheepers said the JRA was working on a focused plan for the area, with details to be released.

“The agency is acquiring intelligence-led security services and looking at other electronic solutions”

Peters-Scheepers said: “The agency has also, with other safety departments and security companies, been able to make a tremendous improvement in arresting some of the perpetrators”.

Peters-Scheepers asked that the public be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may come across.

The JRA can be reached at 0860-562-874, by e-mail, on Facebook or via Twitter@MyJra.

There’s also the new JRA Find&Fix app for reporting potholes, stormwater drains, and traffic signal issues at the click of a button.

The app can be found in your app store for free download. - Star Motoring

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