Wolfsburg - The next-generation Golf GTI could be significantly more potent than the current model, according to a new report out of Germany.

According to AutoBild, the ‘Performance’ version of the new GTI could produce more than 220kW, which would be a good 50kW more than the current GTI Performance, almost matching the hardcore GTI Clubsport S, which has 228kW.

Volkswagen has already confirmed that the next Golf will be offered with a 48 volt mild hybrid system, and this will no doubt apply to the new GTI too, the system being mated to an uprated version of the company’s 2-litre turbopetrol engine, powering the front wheels as before.

But just what chassis tricks engineers have up their sleeves for the Performance model remains to be seen as that is a great deal of power to shove through the front wheels.

A lower-output ‘standard’ GTI will also be offered, likely with 169kW, according to the German publication.

The next GTI is set to be launched in 2020, not too long after the regular eighth-generation Golf models come on stream, from mid 2019.

Expect the new Golf and GTI to offer a more digitised cabin, with upgraded infotainment centre and digital instrument cluster. The two systems will be more closely integrated, visually, as per the latest Touareg, and the dashboard will feature fewer buttons and rotary knobs.

Expect the GTI version to offer modern niceties like a lap timer and other performance and dynamic data displays.

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