Opel will likely focus on higher-margin vehicles, such as the new Grandland X and other SUVs.

Rüsselsheim - Opel looks set to cull some models from its line-up as part of its drive to return to profitability under PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) ownership.

At this stage it remains unclear which models could be dropped, but German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung recently reported that Opel would seek to concentrate on “high-margin” segments. 

In that we read “build more SUVs” at the expense of those low-margin small cars that GM and Ford also plan to avoid in future, but we’d be surprised if Opel actually gave up on compact cars altogether, particularly since they could be developed relatively cheaply by utilising PSA’s own small car platforms.

Opel is in the process of switching to PSA platforms, with the Crossland X and Grandland X already having made the switch before GM sold the German brand earlier this year, as they were part of an earlier collaboration between the French company and GM.

It has been reported that the next Corsa and Astra will move onto PSA platforms in a no-brainer bid to cut development costs and avoid paying royalties to GM for current parts and technologies.

But where will this all leave Opel’s staff-heavy research and development centres in Germany? Frankfurter Allgemeine also reports that Opel’s Rüsselsheim technical centre will become something of a development hub for electric vehicles and all that’s associated with them, and it will serve the entire PSA group.

More is expected to be announced during Opel’s restructuring announcement that’s planned for this coming Thursday. Stay tuned.

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