Overburdened Ford bakikie lends entirely new meaning to the term 'load shedding'. Picture: Viralhog via Youtube

Chachoengsao, Thailand - Bamboo is an astonishing natural resource; it’s one of world’s fastest-growing plants so it's completely sustainable, and because it’s actually a form of grass it doesn’t rot, the stalks are naturally straight and they’re hollow, making them both light and strong.

In Thailand bamboo poles are used for everything from boatbuilding to scaffolding - but they’re not actually as light as some people seem to think they are. A case in point is the driver of this older-generation Ford Ranger bakkie; we don’t know just how much that poorly-secured load of bamboo poles weighs but, judging by the suspension sag and the way he’s grinding along the road in second or (maybe) third gear, it’s a lot more than a ton.

As the bakkie hits the upramp to the bridge, it simply loses momentum, stops and slides back down the slope - so he backs off to give himself a run-up, hits the loud pedal and… well, you just have to see the rest for yourself.

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