Peugeot E-3008 debuts with flashy looks, 21-inch screen and choice of EV or hybrid

Published Sep 12, 2023


After teasing us with the first images of its new E-3008 last week, Peugeot has revealed its striking new crossover in full.

Not only does it plan to turn heads with its edgy new exterior design and futuristic wide-screen cockpit, but the new E-3008 is also the first of many Stellantis products that will be underpinned by the new STLA Medium platform.

Peugeot describes it as a major step in the French brand’s plan to offer the widest range of electric cars in Europe by 2025.

The new model is set to replace the current 3008, and while this new E-3008 will be primarily electric, Peugeot will also offer hybrid variants in some markets at a later stage, although further details have yet to be divulged.

Peugeot is of course a lot more excited to announce the battery-powered variants, with a trio of models set to be offered.

Kicking off the range is a front-wheel drive standard range variant featuring a single 157kW motor and a claimed driving range of up to 525km.

There’s also a single-motor, long-range model that offers 170kW and a claimed range of up to 700km.

Those seeking a perkier package, at the expense of some range, can also opt for a dual-motor, all-wheel drive E-3008, which packs an output of 240kW, while reverting back to a 525km distance between charges.

All E-3008 models boast a 400V lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 73 kWh in the single-motor versions and 98 kWh in the dual-motor. Peugeot is guaranteeing the battery for eight years or 160 000km at 70% of its charge capacity.

Peugeot is also hoping to dazzle its clients with a new 21-inch (53.3cm) curved panoramic display that combines the head-up display with the central touchscreen.

Peugeot has come up with a completely new cabin architecture which in addition to the ‘floating’ high definition screen, also includes a central section with “i-Toggles”. These are fully customisable, touch-sensitive buttons that can provide quick access to 10 of the driver or passenger’s favourite functions.

Designers also achieved a spacious and uncluttered lower centre console by moving the automatic gearbox control to the dashboard.

The carmaker has put considerable effort into the front seats as well, which have been accredited by the well-known German association of doctors and therapists called AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken).

The front seats in the GT version of the E-3008 further boast ventilation and a massage function, and buyers can also opt for adaptive side bolsters, which can be inflated or deflated to fit the occupant’s body shape.

Other cabin features include a Focal Premium sound system with 10 loudspeakers, a full range of active safety systems, including long-range blind spot monitoring, and extended semi-autonomous driving capabilities, including semi-automatic lane change.

"Given the success of the previous 3008 and the customers who have placed their trust in us, we had to be bold,” said Jerome Micheron, Peugeot Product Director.

“With the new E-3008, PEUGEOT is entering a new era, both in terms of design and electrification. The E-3008 is designed for demanding, fast-moving customers.”

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