Reborn Renault 5 teaser shows production car is faithful to the concept

Published Jul 11, 2023


The Renault 5 is set to be reincarnated as an electric car in 2024 and this is our first look at the production model, albeit in camouflaged form.

However these prototypes wear a light enough disguise for us to tell that the showroom model will be stylistically faithful to the concept car that made its debut back in 2021.

The cars are pictured at Renault's Global Production Engineering Centre near Paris, which mimics the production process for future products. This is reportedly one of the few such facilities in the world. Actual production of the new Renault 5 will take place at the Douai plant in northern France.

The new hatchback, with its retro styling cues that hark back to the earlier R5 models of the ‘70s and ‘80s, will be underpinned by the new full-electric CMF-B EV platform.

The 2024 Renault 5 aims to make electric car ownership more accessible to the masses. In fact, because it boasts 70% parts commonality with the CMF-B platform that underpins the ICE-powered Clio, the car will be 30% cheaper to manufacture than the current Renault Zoe EV, which uses its own unique platform.

The upcoming hatchback’s electric motor will be based on the tried-and-tested excited synchronous motor used on the Zoe and Megane E-Tech. Not only it is more powerful than a traditional permanent-magnet motor, but it also requires no rare-earth metals.

A new internal architecture for the motor means it will also be roughly 20kg lighter than the Zoe’s unit, while the four-module battery pack is also set to be 15kg lighter.

But the new Renault 5 is not all just about the sensible stuff as the French firm is aiming to make it the most pleasurable car in its class to drive, and it will even boast a multi-link rear suspension, which is rare in this category.

“The Global Production Engineering Center is drawing on Technocentre professionals’ expertise to produce over 60 vehicles that are representative of the future all-electric Renault 5,” Renault said.

“These vehicles are sometimes tested in extreme conditions (in intense cold and heat, on mountainous terrain, etc.) over long distances, providing valuable insights that will be used to refine the model and ensure it is ready for future customers.”

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