Renault 4 Rebooted: 4Ever Trophy concept points to future compact SUV

Published Oct 17, 2022


Paris Motor Show - With more than eight million units sold between 1961 and 1994, the Renault 4 is one of the most successful French cars of all time.

And now, exactly 61 years after the original made its debut at the Paris Motor Show, its modern successor has taken shape – in the form of the 4Ever Trophy design study.

Although it is technically a concept, Renault says the vehicle paves the way for a future B-segment SUV, which will be exclusively battery powered, as is the case with the reincarnated Renault 5, which you can read more about here.

“The Renault 4Ever Trophy show car creates new memories while bringing back old ones,” Renault said. “Under a muscular exterior, the stylistic ties to its 4L predecessor are evident.”

While its ties to the old R4 are clearly evident, the concept boasts a modern design, right down to the Matrix LED headlights that are incorporated into the wide horizontal grille. The lower section of the vehicle, with its large protective plates and reinforced underbody, was designed for off-road trails, although the production version will, no doubt, be toned down to resemble a normal SUV.

Renault says the production model will be at ease on urban and rural roads. The vehicle will be underpinned by the new CMF-BEV platform for B-segment electric vehicles.

However, at this stage, we can’t tell you how powerful it is or how much mileage it’ll cover between charges, as Renault hasn’t mentioned technical details yet.

But it, along with the new R5, will certainly form part of the French carmaker’s ambition to offer the “greenest” mix of vehicles in Europe by 2025. By the end of the decade, Renault wants to be 100% electric in Europe, although ICE vehicles will be offered in other markets.

"The 4L is a legend. And legends never die! Today, it is this universal dimension of the 4L, a car that everyone can love, that we want to find through a modern and electric reinterpretation of the Renault 4," said Renault CEO Luca de Meo.

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