The recall affects recent Prius models as well as hybrid versions of the C-HR.

Nagoya, Japan - Toyota has recalled more than one million hybrid cars globally due to a technical problem which could, in the worst case scenario, cause a fire in the vehicles. 

About 1.03 million vehicles built between June 2015 and May 2018 will be recalled for safety checks, the Toyota announced on Wednesday. The affected models include Prius, Prius PHV (plug-in) and C-HR hybrid models.

Of the 1.03 million, 554 000 are in Japan, 217 000 in North America and 219 000 in Europe. We're currently awaiting confirmation on whether any South African vehicles are affected.

"The electrical wiring... could short circuit and generate heat as it wears down due to vibrations during driving," the company said in a recall document submitted to the transport ministry.

"In the worst case, this could lead to a fire in the vehicle."

A spokeswoman for Toyota Japan said she had no knowledge of any injuries occurring in Japan as a result of the possible defect.

"It is difficult to know if and how many times exactly such an incident has occurred," she told AFP.

Toyota has sold more than 10 million hybrid petrol-electric vehicles globally, including the Prius, since 1997. 

In 2016, Toyota announced the recall of 3.37 million vehicles globally over problems with airbags and a fuel emission control unit.

The biggest recall ever for the Prius was in February 2014, with 1.9 million vehicles involved.

Agence France-Presse