Community safety department says that traffic police are not enforcing anything e-toll related. File photo: Liza van Deventer.

Johannesburg - Gauteng traffic police are not associated with e-toll activities, the community safety department said on Friday.

“Officers are not asking drivers about their e-toll bills or anything e-toll-related,” spokesman Thapelo Moiloa said at a traffic law enforcement operation at the N1 Allandale off-ramp in Midrand.

“The department is just using Sanral resources and equipment because we do not have our own,” Moiloa said.

The equipment being used included devices that could verify vehicle and driver's licences.

The equipment was also used by traffic officials to check if vehicle number plates were fake or cloned.

Vehicles were backed-up for about a kilometre at the off-ramp and were pulled over by traffic police officers.

The officers used the devices belonging to national roads agency Sanral to check for various law enforcement criteria.

About five traffic police vehicles and about six officers stood alongside the road, lined by beacons, signage, and rumble strips used to slow down vehicles.

One Sanral vehicle and a trailer were also alongside the road but no Sanral officials were stationed at the law enforcement operation.

“There are no Sanral officials here and if they come here it's just to provide assistance with the equipment,” said Moiloa.

“People have seen their vehicle parked alongside the traffic police but we are not doing the same thing,” he said.