Unable to read maps? Blame satnavs

By Daily Mail Time of article published Jan 22, 2013

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If the idea of using a map seems a bit too much like hard work, blame your satnav.

Britons’ map-reading skills are fading as our reliance on digital navigation grows, a study has suggested.

In fact, so dependent have we become on electronic guidance from the dashboard or internet that most drivers are no longer comfortable with a paper map.

Almost two out of three said they much prefer satnavs.

And four out of five 18 to 30-year-olds confessed to an inability to navigate without electronic guidance. However, 53 per cent of over-60s are still comfortable with conventional maps.

And in a blow to their image as confident navigators, 59 per cent of men said they would struggle without a satnav.

By comparison, 69 per cent of women said they would be lost without one.

While 83 per cent of participants owned a road map, only a third carried one in their vehicles all the time, the survey of 2000 volunteers for budget website NetVoucherCodes found. -Daily Mail

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