Volkswagen Golf 8.5 teased (and leaked) ahead of Wednesday debut

Published Jan 22, 2024


The facelifted Volkswagen Golf ‘8.5’ is significant in that it’s likely the last-ever internal combustion model to wear that iconic badge.

The updated model is expected to make its world debut on Wednesday, January 24, and the teaser campaign remains in full swing with Volkswagen’s head designer Andreas Mindt having posted these realistic-looking sketches of the facelifted model on Instagram.

This preview gives us our first look at the ‘regular’ Golf 8.5. The GTI version, and its updated interior, were teased at the CES tech show in Las Vegas earlier in January.

Official pictures of the GTI have also leaked on social media recently, showing us the performance hatch in all its honeycomb grilled glory.

— Charles (@Carlosfandang01) January 19, 2024

The technical details of the new Volkswagen Golf 8.5 remain under wraps for now, but Volkswagen has promised that it will receive updated powertrains and chassis systems.

Current rumours point to a revised EA 888 2.0-litre turbopetrol engine in the Golf producing 195kW and 400Nm, as reported by Autocar, which would be a 15kW and 30Nm improvement over today’s car.

As for the chassis revisions, an improved DCC adaptive suspension system and stiffer rear axle are said to be on the cards.

There are some significant changes inside the Golf 8.5 too.

The GTI’s cabin, revealed at the CES show, includes a new free standing central touchscreen, with a bottom lip incorporating separate controls for the climate system, and a revised steering wheel that ditches those awkward slider controls for conventional buttons.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

What’s more the IDA voice assistant now incorporates ChatGPT, which you’ll soon find in other Volkswagen models too.

The debut of the new Golf coincides with the 50th anniversary of the nameplate.

“In the anniversary year 2024, Volkswagen will present the evolutionary development of the eighth Golf generation. It will impress with visually refined features, new assist systems and powertrains, and also next-generation infotainment systems and software,” Volkswagen said.

Stay tuned for all the official info later this week.