WATCH: LA driver crashes R22 million McLaren Senna while trying to show off

The Senna is the most extreme McLaren road car ever. Picture: McLaren.

The Senna is the most extreme McLaren road car ever. Picture: McLaren.

Published Apr 30, 2024


The internet is full of footage showing drivers of performance cars running out of talent while trying to show off on public roads.

In many cases these metal-mangling perps are behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang. But in this video, we get to see an ultra-rare and ultra-expensive McLaren Senna supercar get treated and hurt in a heart-wrenching way.

The video, posted on Reddit by slattdemon99, shows the Senna driver hooning his way up Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles before coming to a halt to perform a doughnut in front of onlookers. The driver then screeches off up the road but quickly loses control of his supercar, crashing it into a Lexus dealership.

The video then cuts to the crash scene where we see extensive damage to the front-end of the McLaren after connecting with a concrete pillar outside the dealership.

McLaren Senna Crashes in LA
byu/slattdemon99 inmclaren

Although not officially confirmed, it is widely believed that YouTuber Edmond ‘Mondi’ Barseghian was behind the wheel.

A few days earlier, Mondi posted a video boasting of his new green “one-of-one” Kiwi Edition McLaren Senna, which he described as “scary fast”.

The Senna, billed as McLaren’s most extreme road car ever when it was originally launched in 2017, is powered by a twin-turbo V8 that produces 588kW and 800Nm. With a 1,200kg kerb weight making it lighter than a Polo GTI, the carbon fibre-bodied Senna has an astounding power-to-weight ratio.

It is believed to be worth in the region of $1.2 million in the US, around R22.5 million at today’s exchange rate.

Given that an innocent bystander could have been hurt or killed here, this kind of behaviour on a public road is completely unforgivable. And it’s not like he couldn’t afford to hire out a track for the day.

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