WATCH: Lane weaving error results in nasty crash

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Jun 11, 2018

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Penza City, Russia - Weaving through traffic... it’s something drivers are often tempted to do when in a rush, but few think about the consequences of a possible miscalculation.

This video, posted on YouTube by Viralhog, paints that picture in a clear and scary way.

It starts with a white Chevrolet Cruze trying to undertake the car from which the video is being filmed, but while executing the move, the poorly coordinated driver stops concentrating on the car in front - possibly because he or she was observing the more than adequate gap to the right - and the result is catastrophic to say the least.

We do hope that the occupants got out of this collision relatively unscathed - which they should have done had they been wearing seat belts.

Buckle up and be safe out there!

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