Somewhere in America - It goes without saying that street racing is extremely dangerous, and this video from the US drives that message home just perfectly.

The driver was lucky to escape with his life and according to the video description, only suffered a broken jaw and shoulder.

The video shows a pair of heavily modified ‘Fox-body’ (late 1980s) Ford Mustangs dragging off the line on a country road. The car on the right launches into oversteer just after takeoff, sending the muscle car flying into a street lamp.

And that folks, is what makes illegal drag racing so much more dangerous than the legal kind of motorsport, held at a race facility with proper run-off, adequate safety gear, shielded spectators and a distinct lack of poles or trees to slice your car in half.

That said, legal drag racing at established facilities is something that needs to become more commonplace if we are to get power-hungry petrolheads off the streets and into a more controlled environment that isn’t a tragedy waiting to happen.

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