WATCH: Taking a chance, paying no attention leads to nasty crash

By Motoring Staff Time of article published May 7, 2019

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Somewhere in America - This video, posted on YouTube by a biker who goes by the name of Jose B, perfectly illustrates the harsh consequences of being in too much of a hurry, particularly while not paying attention.

The driver of the older-generation Kia Rio, caught on camera by the aforementioned biker, was clearly too important to wait his or her turn on the on-ramp to a highway, choosing instead to cut across the dividing line and enter the road prematurely.

In fact this driver spent too much time concentrating on an early merge and not enough on what was going on up front, where traffic had suddenly come to a standstill.

The result, as you’ll see around the 27 second mark in the video below, was a nasty crash that saw the Kia it the back of a Chevrolet Camaro before flipping over and then landing back on its wheels. We sure hope that there were no major injuries involved, and that the driver learned a valuable lesson in the process. Many others, including the biker, could have been seriously injured.

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