Picture: LivingLifeFast via YouTube.

By now you would have heard about the world’s fastest lawnmower, but did you know that Guinness also lists a record for the world’s fastest garden shed?

Yes, you heard right. Cars converted into garden sheds are actually a thing in the UK - Ed China apparently owns one too. But surprisingly his is not the fastest in the world, that honour belongs to Kevin Nicks from South Yorkshire.

Nicks’ shed was awarded a Guinness World Record back in 2017 for hitting a speed of 129.83km/h, which is quite a feat considering the aerodynamic obstacles.

In the video below YouTube user LivingLifeFast pays a visit to Nicks and takes a ride in his special creation, which happens to be powered by a 335kW V8 engine sourced from an older-generation Audi RS4.

The car itself is based on a fifth-generation Volkswagen Passat estate, which originally came with Volkswagen’s 2.8-litre VR6 engine. The ‘shed’ has four-wheel-drive as well as hydraulic lifts on each wheel.

No doubt it would be a lot faster were it not for those... er… aerodynamic challenges.

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