WATCH: Toyota CH-R nearly plunges four stories in parking mishap

By Motoring Staff Time of article published Dec 6, 2019

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NONTHABURI, THAILAND - Selecting the wrong gear while executing a parking manoeuvre is not an uncommon mistake, but the stakes are somewhat higher when you do that in a multi-storey parkade like the one in this video from Thailand.

Posted on YouTube by Crafoo TV, the video (embedded below) shows a woman in a Toyota CH-R arriving for work and reversing into her parking bay. It seems that towards the end of the manoeuvre, while trying to straighten the car, the driver intended to move forward but somehow managed to leave it in reverse, and the result almost proved fatal. The Toyota smashed through a concrete barrier and ended up dangling over the edge of the building, with a drop-off of around 15 metres below the car. Thankfully only the rear wheels went over the edge and the driver was able to escape safely through the door. 

The car was an automatic, of course, and it’s likely that the car was still new to her.

According to Crafoo TV, the woman panicked and hit the pedal harder when the car moved backwards after she selected the wrong gear.

''It's very lucky, because if the car had kept moving backwards it would have fallen off the edge and I might not have survived,” she added.

However, interestingly enough some drivers have actually survived falling from great heights, a case in point being an Australian woman who survived a six-storey fall in her car off a Melbourne multi-level car park back in 2011.

Last week another video went viral, showing a Polo driver in India plunging off a flyover after the driver approached a corner too fast. The driver survived the fall, but sadly a female pedestrian was killed.

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