Nurburg, Germany - We don’t know what caused this monumental tumble because the Mercedes A-Class involved arrives in shot, six seconds in, already upside down.

The rest of it, nevertheless, is pretty impressive - not least because the car rolls twice more, before bouncing off the armco and landing back on its wheels, but also because after that, despite the almost total destruction wrought to the front subframe and engine compartment, both front doors open easily and the occupants walk away seemingly shaken but not stirred - although it looks like the passenger almost immediately loses his lunch.

Having been rolled in accidents twice as a passenger (although neither was anywhere near as serious as this) I can only sympathise.

At the end of the video you can watch the very professional Nordschleife clean-up crew (they get plenty of practice) carting away the remains of the A-Class, giving you a good idea of the extent of the damage - but note that the passenger cell, with the exception of the roof above the shattered windshield, seems to have retained its shape.

Mercedes-Benz gets five stars for this crash test with real live dummies - unintentional though it may have been.

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