Volvo has a reputation for building the safest cars in the world, and there are numerous crash tests to prove that the Swedish brand’s offerings are certainly right up there with the best when it comes to cushioning occupants during a collision.

However, sometimes nothing drives that message home more effectively than seeing a real-world prang, such as the one in this video that was posted on Reddit recently.

Volvo head on crash with lorry at 60 km/h. Driver walks away with no serious injuries. from r/cars

Here we see a Volvo XC70 that experienced an overlap frontal impact with a truck. According to the description, the car was doing around 60km/h, although it actually looks faster than that. Either way, the driver appears to have escaped without serious injury and the same likely goes for the truck driver who was much higher up.

Notwithstanding, there is an even bigger lesson here. Given that the Volvo veered into the truck’s lane, its driver was either distracted or fell asleep, but most likely the former.

Driving a safer vehicle is no excuse for not giving full concentration to the task of driving as even the safest car in the world isn’t necessarily going to save your bacon at higher speeds.

And what if a smaller and less structurally safe vehicle had been in the Volvo’s path? Its occupants would surely not have lived to tell the tale and the Volvo driver would have had to live with that for the rest of his life - some of it possibly spent behind bars.

Be safe out there

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