File picture: Neil Hall / Reuters.

London - Nine in ten motorists can’t name the roads around their homes because they rely on their satnavs too much, according to a study.

It also found more than eight in ten of those who drove to work did not know the names of the roads they used.

Only 14 percent passed a basic geography test requiring them to locate ten cities – Inverness, Aberdeen, Durham, York, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leicester, Oxford and Bath.

The survey of 2500 motorists found 56 percent trusted real maps more than satnavs.

However, 76 percent said they always used their electronic navigation devices for car journeys and admitted they would not be able to remember routes without them.

Hamish Livingston, of the car sales firm Peter Vardy, which conducted the study, said: "It’s clear people are relying more on technology to get them to places instead of their own geographical knowledge."

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