Kempten, Germany - Ever since Volkswagen revealed its 400 horsepower (294kW) Golf R400 concept car back in 2014, only to shelve any apparent production plans in the wake of the so-called Dieselgate scandal, tuners have been tripping each other up to offer their own version of the R400.

The latest attempt at that comes from German tuner ABT Sportsline, which has boosted the latest-generation Golf R to the 400hp/294kW mark, from the standard car’s 228kW, while maximum torque rises from 400Nm to 500Nm.

Although this is purely a software upgrade, and probably not too different from what you could get elsewhere, ABT is actually offering a complete package here, with various suspension, braking and styling tweaks on offer.

Buyers can opt for an ABT height-adjustable suspension kit that can lower the car by 40mm at the front and 45mm at the back, or for the more conventional ABT suspension springs that lower the car by 20mm upfront and 25mm at the back.

Other options include an ABT rear muffler with 102mm outlets,  a six-piston braking system with fixed calipers, ABT alloy wheels and side skirts.



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