Land Rover DC100 Concept could take on another life form as an entry-level crossover.

It's a known fact that Land Rover is planning to replace its iconic, tough-as-nails Defender with an all-new model in 2015 and it's even unveiled a concept called the DC100 to show what this replacement might look like.

Trouble is, the new design has caused an outrage among the traditional Defender fan base, many feeling that it is too 'soft' to really be a Defender.

Despite this, Land Rover claims that reaction to the design has been extremely positive but there could be a major about-turn concerning where the design is actually used.


Autocar magazine reports that Land Rover is thought to be considering using the DC100 Concept's design as a basis for a new entry-level Landy that will be smaller and cheaper than the current Freelander.

This makes a lot of sense to us as the trendy DC100 design would be a natural fit for the compact softroader market, where Land Rover lacks a presence.

The new Land Rover would naturally use existing platform components from the Freelander and Evoque and would give the company a funky little tool to fend off the Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke.


As for the actual Defender replacement, let's hope the design team toughens up a little to deliver what its wilderness-conquering fans really want.