Munich - This M850i xDrive Coupe, created by BMW’s Individual customisation team based in Garching near Munich, is out of this world, literally.

The one-off creation is fitted with controls made from meteoric materials, and also features ‘extra-terrestrial’ surface patterns, 3D-printed components and other design themes that aim to bring the beauty of the night sky into the car.

The vehicle was designed to celebrate the intense meteor shower that took place on the evening of January 3 - as well as show off what the ‘Individual’ team is capable of.

Fittingly, various parts of the interior are covered in real meteoric rock, including the door sill inlays, centre console trim plate, gear selector and start/stop button.

Furthermore, the design of many other interior and exterior components were inspired by the distinctive Widmanstätten surface pattern of meteorites, which resembles ice crystals and becomes visible when certain types of iron meteorite are polished or brought into contact with acidic compounds.

These ‘Widmanstätten’ components include the hand-stitched headliner, centre console trims, seat stitching, exterior mirrors and front splitter for the air intakes - the exterior components all individually 3D printed. The good folk at BMW Individual even found the time and patience to mill the geometric pattern into the brake discs.

Other design highlights come in the form of LED-illuminated star constellations on the centre console, tri-colour Merino leather seat trim (in Opal White, Midnight Blue and Silver), and Midnight Blue deep pile carpets.

Setting it apart on the outside is a special, and somewhat fascinating paint finish that starts off as San Marino Blue at the bottom of the car and gradually fades into black further up the car.

The mechanicals are as per the normal M850i xDrive, the heart being a 390kW turbocharged V8 that powers all four wheels.

The car also features aluminium brake callipers with a bionic design. Crafted using 3D printing methods, the callipers are 30 percent lighter than the conventionally produced equivalents.

As mentioned, this car is a one-off, so you can't have one. Unless your name is ET.

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